Summer Road Trip Ready

Summer Road Trip Ready


To start off the road trip I had to swing by Firestone Complete Auto Care before heading off to the beautiful California Coast. Getting a full check up and oil change had me more the ready to complete the 1500 plus mileage id be traveling for this trip. After getting the A O.K I headed west to the coast. Although the road has quite the bobs and weaves the views are endless. Taking a minute to stop at McWay falls for the first time couldn’t have gone any better. Had the falls completely to myself and got to really take it all in. Extraordinary how a waterfall falls into the ocean. The Summer flowers added a nice touch to such a scenic stop. After taking in the coastal views I went each to the beautiful Eastern Sierras.

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From the coast to the eastern its a good five hour drive I was feeling very fortunate I got my car checked out at Firestone Complete Auto Care so that when I arrived around 3am with the moon still high in the sky I did not have to stress. I decided to take the advantage of the good moon light and capture some quality light trails. I was exhausted, so I tried to sleep for a few hrs ending up almost missing the sunset. As the sun starting rising I pulled out my drone to capture some ariels of such incredible landscape. After the harsh light came in I went right back to sleep for some much needed rest.

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OnceI was awake it was on to the next destination, the freedom of the road is amazing. Yet you always want to be careful and make sure your vehicle can make the trip. Before leaving Firestone Complete Auto Care gave me a run down on what to look out for and if I needed there were man Firestone Complete Auto Care Centers across the country. The best part of being on these trips is the peace of mind. Carefree and just living in the moment. Where your on a distance planet like landscapes or off road ripping. I am very excited for future road trips to come. I encourage your readers to visit Firestone Complete Auto Care's website to schedule and appointment and prepare their car for the road trip season.